Welcome to 3Dimensional Coaching. FCA is excited to provide world-class training to come alongside you and serve you as you seek to become a transformational coach for your athletes. FCA has been granted a license as a “ Level 3 Partner ” of the 3D Institute which allows us to take their revolutionary 3Dimensional Coaching academic curriculum and create a faith-based version for use in our ministry to coaches.

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Please note: If you desire to take the 3D Coaching course for college credit or certification, you must enroll on the 3D Institute website. No academic credit/certification will be offered through this version provided by FCA.

Thorough Introduction to 3D Coaching
Comprehensive 2nd Dimension Training
Extensive 3rd Dimension Training
Powerful Reflection Exercises
Practical Planning Tools
Dozens of Strategies in Lesson Plan Format
Tools for Establishing Accountability
Additional Faith-Based Content Provided by FCA
“3D Coaching is not simply another philosophy of coaching. It is a paradigm shift in purpose that leads to the outcomes we all desire, but often fail to achieve. This material is hands down the best I have ever seen for coaches who truly want to have an impact and to pursue excellence.”

Heath Eslinger
Head Wrestling Coach
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

UPDATE: This website will be discontinued on 7/1/2022. Click here for more information.
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FCA - "A Level 3 Partner"

As coaches take the 3D journey, oftentimes it leads to deep reflection upon issues of identity, significance, and purpose. When coaches begin to process these deeper issues of the heart, it can easily lead to discussions that are faith-based in nature. Because the 3D Institute does not specialize in helping coaches process these 3rd dimension issues from a faith-based perspective, we have identified FCA as a "Level 3 Partner" who can come alongside coaches in their faith journey. FCA has been about the business of serving coaches in their spiritual journey for over 60 years, and we count it as a great privilege to have such a great "Level 3 Partner."

Dr. Jeff Duke, E.D.d. 
3D Institute, President
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