The following companion resources have been created to guide you through the 3D Coaching online journey. Though both resources follow the same topical outline, the content in each resource is different. The Companion Study Guide corresponds with the 3D Coaching core training, and the Companion Bible Study corresponds to the faith-based add-on units that are associated with each module. The Companion Bible Study was designed to be use in an FCA Coaches Huddle.

Companion Study Guide

This Companion Study Guide is a “must have” if you want to maximize the impact of the online 3D training. Regardless of which version of the online 3D Coaching curriculum you are going through, this resource will enhance your learning experience by providing:

  • a convenient place to take notes
  • a review of key teaching points
  • additional 3D content
  • reflection/discussion questions

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Companion Bible Study

The Companion Bible Study has been developed as a supplementary resource to go with the 3Dimensional Coaching course. This resource includes:

  • 25 chapters that coincide with the 25 online modules
  • additional faith-based content that complements the 3D training principles
  • reflection/discussion questions to be used in small-group settings

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